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5 CRAZY USEFUL Tips You Can Start NOW To Achieve Your Goals This Year

Learn 5 useful tips on how to prevent fizzling out of your new goals. These are great tips on setting goals and STICKING with them! Show yourself you CAN change!

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Printable Primary Christmas Letter and Christmas Songs with Actions

If you are looking for an idea to use for your primary this Christmas, here it is. A printable template Christmas letter with Primary Christmas Songs (including actions) included.

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How to Create a Perfect Paper Hand Bouquet: An Easy Gift for Teachers, Mother’s Day, Funeral, or Retirement Even Kids Can Do

Learn step-by-step how to make a beautiful paper hand bouquet. The PERFECT gift for teachers, retirement, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or funerals and so easy even the kids can help.

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One Harmful Mistake to Avoid When Traveling in the Car with Your Child this Winter and How to Fix It

Buckling in your child in their car seat wrong is one of the MOST common mistakes. Avoiding this little mistake when traveling with your child can keep them safe and prevent unnecessary injuries.

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#GiveThanks Global 7-Day Challenge for Gratitude, Healing and Prayer

Join in a 7-day challenge of gratitude, healing, and prayer as it uplifts our spirit, soul, and mental health.

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FREE Printable Holiday Gift and Budget Planning Checklist for an Enjoyable Holiday

Enjoy this FREE Holiday Gift and Budget Planning Checklist Printable. I know it will help you organize your holiday shopping and stay within your budget!

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5 Valuable Tips for Staying Sane During the Holidays Everyone Should Start Doing NOW

Use these 5 useful tips to help you stay sane during the holiday season and actually enjoy yourself!


How I Receive Personal Revelation

Sunday thoughts - How I #HearHim and receive personal revelation

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Best Sweet Potato Casserole No One Will Ever Tell You

This delicious recipe has the perfect blend of spices and additions to make the sweet potato taste pop. It's lower in fat, sugar, salt, and calories than other typical candied yam recipes.