About Simple Healthy Gal

Rachel Rose

Health Educator, Blogger, and Mom of 4

Hello! I’m Rachel Rose and I have been a health educator for over 12 years! I have taught in various capacities including hospitals, classrooms, conferences, and churches. After having my 4th baby, I decided to leave the work environment to stay home with my four amazing daughters.

I’ve continued with my desire to give others a simple knowledge of health, safety, and fitness. Health doesn’t have to be difficult! As someone who has gone through the ups and downs of taking care of herself through four pregnancies, raising children, and a busy lifestyle, I’m making it my goal to help others navigate healthy choices in a simple way.


I know we can each live a happy and meaningful life as we each continue our own health and fitness journeys during whatever stage of life we are in!

Little Bits About Me

  • I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Promotion and a minor in Nutrition.
  • I love to hike, run, and play soccer!
  • I have been a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructor for 11 years. I have volunteered much of my time checking 1,000’s of car seats.
  • I’m famous for eating salad, fruits and veggies one day, then the next day binging on cookies and ice cream – balance in all things!
  • I love to be with and teach children. It’s a joy to see them learn new things. I also appreciate my alone time – how short it may be!!
  • I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The gospel is my rock and keeps me grounded!