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FREE Printable Holiday Gift and Budget Planning Checklist for an Enjoyable Holiday

Every year that I haven’t had a gift checklist for holiday shopping, I kick myself for not planning ahead or preparing better. I end up spending way over my budget and getting dumb gifts nobody really wanted!

I’ve since figured out using a budget and planning gift checklist helps me stay on track with my budget and be prepared when the holidays are here. Which is why this Printable Holiday Gift Checklist is PERFECT!!! And it’s FREE! You can print as many sheets as you’d like!

Holiday shopping CAN be easy if you put some time aside early to figure out who you need to buy for, what you want to get them, and how much that’s going to cost.

Who are you shopping for?

Write down all the people you would like to give a gift to. Make sure to include family members in the household and extended family members. Write down neighbors that you are doing neighbor gifts for. Include your close friends and co-workers. How about your spouse or children’s friends? Any kind of social groups, reading groups, gym friends, or walking buddies. Not all of these people NEED a gift if that’s not in your budget, but you don’t want to leave anyone out if you are planning on getting them a gift this year. You need to write it down, so it has a place and you can plan for it.

What are you going to get them?

Now that you’ve written down everyone you’d like to get a gift for, let’s figure out what to get them. I like to think of their personality and what THEY would enjoy. That can be hard something, but think about their interests or things they’ve talked about. This could be hobbies they enjoy (cooking, eating, reading, skiing, dancing, games, etc.) sports they like to watch or play (pickleball, running, football, favorite professional or college sports teams) or entertainment (movies, books, TV shows, live theatre).

If you are creative or artistic, think of something you could make for everyone as a gift. Plan early and start making the handmade gifts before Thanksgiving! Once you have an idea, your list starts to come together.

What is your gift giving budget?

A budget is so important as it helps you not go to the store and spend more than you planned on! I write the total budget on the side of my paper at the top and as I buy gifts, I’ll subtract each purchase as I go. This helps me keep a running total as I’m out shopping through the season.

Write down how much you think that gift will cost you. Even if it’s handmade, what will the materials cost? What about wrapping paper, gift bags, tags, and bows? Include this all in your budget!

Where will you be shopping?

I like to see where I need to get gifts from so I can plan out my trips. This saves me time and money by grouping trips together. Even if I’m going to buy it online through Amazon or another online store, I write that down so I have a plan. If you are making a gift, write down where you will be buying the supplies needed to put the gift together.

Check it off when completed!!!

I’ve included columns on the checklist to check off when completed including if the gift was bought or purchased, wrapped, and gifted to the individual. You could use the bought column to use if the gift was “made” as well. Check off accordingly and take away the stress of trying to remember what you’ve done and what you still need to do! So much satisfaction crossing things off the Gift Planning Checklist!!!

There is also a note column to add extra notes in if needed.

FREE Gift Planning Checklist Printable PDF

Free Printable of the Holiday Gift and Budget Planning Checklist

Happy Planning!

I hope this planning checklist works for you as wonderful as it works for me! I KNOW this will make your holiday planning and gift giving so much easier. HAPPY PLANNING!

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